Hormonal Imbalance: How to Balance Hormones Naturally

hormonal imbalance

I have hormonal imbalance, How do I balance hormones naturally?This is one common question I’ve been getting recently especially from women.Maybe you are out there with the same question or perhaps you are wondering…How exactly does hormone get out of balance?, what causes hormonal imbalance?, how do i know if my hormones are not balanced […]

Best Skin Lightening Cream Ingredients (Hydroquinone Free)

skin lightenening

When it comes to skin lightening, skin whitening, or bleaching, result is key. Everyone wants to get the best out of their purchase. People who go for skin lightening products are usually concerned about which of the many products available in the market which would produce desired results without any side effects.Skin lightening or brightening […]

How to Go From Relaxed to Natural Hair (Transitioning)

natural hair

The decision to take your hair from relaxed hair to natural hair is not always an easy one to make especially because some of your pals and close relatives or colleagues might want to discourage you from going ahead with your decision.Irrespective of people’s opinion, what really matters at the end of the day is […]

Mouth Odour (Bad Breath) – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

mouth odour

​Mouth odour which is medically termed halitosis is very common in people. It occurs in about one out of every four people (25%), and this is an alarming statistic.Irrespective of how common mouth odour might be, its remedies are quite easy. This article considers the causes, symptoms and how to get rid of mouth odourTable […]

Sleep Paralysis (Inability to Move While Asleep) Causes, Treatment

sleep paralysis

Due to the horrific experience that comes with sleep paralysis, there is a high tendency that people will have misconception about it. This article clears the air on sleep paralysis, its causes, symptoms and treatment.Here are some commonly asked questions and my answers Is sleep paralysis is a spiritual attack? In most cases, sleep paralysis […]

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