How to Go From Relaxed to Natural Hair (Transitioning)

natural hair

The decision to take your hair from relaxed hair to natural hair is not always an easy one to make especially because some of your pals and close relatives or colleagues might want to discourage you from going ahead with your decision.

Irrespective of people's opinion, what really matters at the end of the day is what you want.

Before you go ahead though, the big question of how to take your hair from artificial to natural without stress is one that you need to find answers to. Everyone might not agree with it but if you feel confident enough to turn your hair fully natural then here are a few tips on how to.

How to Turn Relaxed Hair into Natural Hair With Ease

natural hair

In order to go from relaxed hair to natural hair, there are actually two (2) course of action available to you.

  • The Big Chop
  • Transitioning without the big chop

The Big Chop - How to Go Natural With Short Hair

This is what I call the "short-cut" approach. Literally you can revert your hair to its natural texture by getting an instant hair cut and starting afresh with your new healthy and completely natural hair.

The big chop option is best for you if;

  • you want an instant result or you want to go natural as fast as possible
  • you want a fresh start with no split ends and chemically processed hair
  • you don't want to be burdened with carrying two textures of hair on you at the same time
  • you aren't bothered about having a boyish look temporarily
  • you are ready to start making hairstyles for natural short hair
  • you aren't afraid of waiting to grow longer hair
  • you are capable of dealing with entirely new texture of hair on a spot

If your answer is yes to the above and you are ready to go natural by cutting your hair then you need a few tips on how to do it right

  • Do not try to cut your hair by yourself: for the best of looks, you know that what is worth doing is worth doing well so if you are considering cutting off your hair then it is best for you to consult a professional rather than attempt to cut it off by yourself. On the other hand you might still decide to cut the hair yourself and then visit a salon afterwards to trim up the edges and give you a perfect look.
  • Keep your new hair moisturized: if you are starting over with your hair, there is a need to give your hair the best of attention, and moisturizing it is one of the most basic things to do to keep it healthy and attractive. You can make use of water based products first and then rub in some oil or pomade.
  • Choose the right style: contrary to some people's thoughts having short hair doesn't necessarily have to give you a drab and boring look. There are a number of simple styles you can try out with as low as 3 inches of hair length. With time, your hair will grow longer and before you know it you would have recovered your full hair length and will be able to rock any style you desire anytime.

Transitioning - How to Go Natural Without Cutting My Hair

Instead of cutting off your hair completely (the big chop), you can eliminate all the artificial parts of your hair by allowing it to grow out and you gradually trim off the relaxed ends as it grows.

Some women are concerned about being able to maintain their hair length and are skeptical that they might not be able to recover the full lengths after cutting. If you are in this category then transitioning to natural hair without cutting is best for you

Further to that, the transitioning method is advisable especially if

  • you are not comfortable with having boyish looks or you cannot bear to have to wait till your hair regrows after cutting it.
  • you have time to learn about your hair type and perfect your natural hair styling skills
  • you aren't afraid of inconsistent hair texture (hair root may be curly while hair ends may be straight)
  • you are comfortable with waiting as transitioning process takes longer.

Transitioning is a very slow process but it's quite simple and absolutely effective too. It can also be quite an interesting experience watching your hair recover gradually from all the years of chemical application.

So how do you go about returning your hair to the natural without cutting?

Here are a few tips

  • Quit: you want to go natural then you must know that the very first step in getting this done is by giving up all forms of chemical hair treatments that you have been using on your hair which includes hair dyes, keratin treatment, and chemical relaxers.
  • Your hair is fragile: during transitioning your hair is in a very fragile state and so you must be extra careful with the way you handle it to avoid breakage and split ends which will make your hair unattractive. It is important that you do not expose your hair to heat from hot irons and hot combs. You should avoid combing your hair too often and when you have to, do it as carefully as possible. You can also Strengthen your hair by making use of protein treatments and deep conditioning once in 6-8 weeks.
  • Style right: since your hair is in a fragile state, there are some hairstyles that you would have to avoid. Styles that require daily styling and combing will put too much strain on your hair and cause damage. You might try out some low manipulation styles requiring little or no daily makeover such as roller sets, trust out, or braid out. You should also try on styles that will make the ends of your hair look good considering the fact that your hair texture is inconsistent. Protective styles which keep the ends of your hair tucked away and does not require daily maintenance other than moisturizing can also be an interesting and safer option during the time of transitioning.
  • Trim: with time your hair will grow longer and as the natural part increases in length you will have to gradually trim off the relaxed part of your hair until you get to that natural part that you desire.



When losing lifelong hairdo and finding one's true self, Its all about you and no one else...

You should go ahead with whatever makes you feel happy. Its important to note that there is no right or wrong way to going natural when it comes to hair what matters is getting there.

The big chop is best for those who want to go from relaxed hair to natural hair fast. It is advantageous in that it helps you start on a clean state

Transitioning to natural hair is the way to go for those who would like to keep it slow and steady. It has a major advantage of letting you preserve your looks and not having to change your regular look as you would have to if you were to cut off your hair entirely.

​You might wanna ask How long does it take to go natural?

Depending on how fast your hair grows it might take from between a few months to more than a year to take your hair from relaxed hair to completely natural hair

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